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Benefit from a pool of financial experts dedicated to enriching your investment decisions and enhancing the value of your financial ventures.

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Experience an array of top-tier, evolving services designed to cater to your unique needs and deliver unparalleled value.

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About Faujipay

Empowering Financial Success, Serving Those Who Serve

FAUJIPAY is a pioneering digital platform committed to empowering defense personnel with strategic financial opportunities. Through thoughtfully designed initiatives, we offer the chance for hard-earned income to be invested wisely, securing the financial horizons of those who serve. Our programs cater to the unique needs and risk tolerance of defense employees, offering a range of insurance and investment options. From tailored retirement plans to dynamic stock purchase programs, these initiatives pave the way for building wealth, ensuring enduring financial stability, and pursuing individual monetary aspirations.

Our services

Tailored Solutions for Your Goals

Choose FAUJIPAY's services and embark on a transformative financial journey. Our commitment to empowering defense personnel with tailored solutions is unmatched. From investment guidance to comprehensive insurance options, we're dedicated to securing your future.

Financial Advisory

At FAUJIPAY, we bring you the expertise of a seasoned financial advisor who will be your guiding light. They'll delve into your aspirations, meticulously analyze your debts, income, and expenses, and then craft a bespoke plan that leads you efficiently to your goals.

Group Insurance

An all-encompassing umbrella of insurance solutions tailored for groups. From safeguarding employees to nurturing retirement growth and enhanced riders, our goal is to provide you with life insurance plans that perfectly align with your requirements.


In a nation where lending holds immense significance, FAUJIPAY strides forward with a clear purpose to revolutionize the lending experience. Our mission is to provide a solution that eases the journey for lenders and loan investors, simplifying the management of .......

Car Booking

As we know that almost all defence personnel try to book car through Inter CSD (Canteen Stores Department) but not all get success because of high demand, non-availability of car as per their choice in cheaper rate. We have come up with a solution to this problem ...........

Vehicle Loan

Get special discounts in vehicle booking from private dealership. We will also assist you with the vehicle loan process with multiple benefits. The documents required for the loan approval can be collected from your doorstep. Also, online car buying gives you the flexibility to ............

Discount on Medicine

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive support, we offer exclusive Discount on Medicine services. Through our digital platform, defense employees can access a wide network of pharmacies and medical stores where they can avail ........

IQ Based Scholarship

As part of our commitment to empowering our defense personnel and their families, we offer IQ BASED Scholarship services. Through our digital platform, eligible individuals can apply for scholarships based on their intellectual capabilities and achievements.

Education Solution

Our Education Solution services are driven by a deep commitment to supporting the educational aspirations of our defense personnel and their families. From the early stages of primary education to higher studies, we strive to ensure that their family and dependents ....

Why choose

Few reasons for people choosing Faujipay

Choosing FAUJIPAY offers several compelling reasons for defense personnel to consider

  • Tailored Solutions

    The platform offers tailored insurance and investment options that cater to the specific financial goals.

  • Recognition and Support

    FAUJIPAY recognizes the dedication and service of defense personnel.

  • Digital Convenience

    Making it convenient for defense personnel to access their financial information and manage their investments from anywhere, at any time.

  • Tax Advantages

    It come with tax benefits, helping defense employees maximize their savings and investments.


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