Eligible ages:

  • Minimum Age: 10 Years

  • Maximum Age: 65 Years

At FAUJIPAY, our commitment to the well-being of our defense personnel goes beyond transactions; it extends to being a constant pillar of support. Our knowledgeable and courteous representatives are available 24/7, standing as a reliable resource to address inquiries, assist with account-related matters, and guide our esteemed defense community through a spectrum of financial services.

Whether it's decoding diverse investment options, clarifying doubts about insurance plans, or resolving any concerns, our Call Centre is the embodiment of a seamless and personalized experience for each individual.

We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by our defense community, and our paramount goal is to provide unwavering and efficient support that perfectly aligns with their financial aspirations. With FAUJIPAY's Call Centre, we're not just offering assistance; we're extending a reassuring hand to ensure that our defenders receive the dedicated help they deserve, whenever they need it.

  • Reliable Assistance Anytime, Anywhere:

    Our 24/7 Call Centre is a beacon of assurance for our defenders. It's more than just a service – it's a lifeline that provides reliable assistance and guidance whenever it's needed.

  • Guiding Through Financial Terrain:

    Manned by knowledgeable and courteous representatives, our Call Centre is poised to address inquiries, aid with account-related matters, and shepherd our esteemed defense community through a diverse spectrum of financial services.

  • Personalized Experience at Every Step:

    From untangling the complexities of investment options to clarifying insurance plan doubts, and from resolving concerns to offering personalized financial guidance, our Call Centre exemplifies our commitment to providing an individualized and seamless experience for each person.

  • Empowering Dreams, One Call at a Time:

    Our paramount goal is to ensure that our defenders receive the unwavering assistance they truly deserve, exactly when they need it. With FAUJIPAY's Call Centre, we're not just extending assistance – we're offering a reassuring hand to guide them through every step of their journey.