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Creating a better future for your loved once

FAUJIPAY is a pioneering digital platform dedicated to enriching the financial lives of defense personnel. Recognizing the unique needs of those who have served, FAUJIPAY offers a range of personalized insurance and investment options, empowering veterans to make sound financial choices. From retirement plans to investment programs, the platform fosters long-term stability and prosperity.

Why Us ?

By participating in these investment programs, defense employees can take advantage of benefits such as employer matching contributions, tax advantages, and diversified investment portfolios.

This programs not only support the financial well-being of defense personnel but also recognize their invaluable service and dedication by equipping them with the tools to achieve financial independence and security beyond their military careers.

The initiative FAUJIPAY(Digital platform) is designed with a view to augment existing insurance, provide various financial saving solutions with tax benefits & a secured second innings career to our Ex-servicemen. This is not only about giving best solution to our soldiers but also provide them a best class service which is missing in current scenario. By providing them best service and support we will be able to enable them to connect with us for lifelong. They will get all product solution and service under roof only. This is the main advantage of this platform.

  • Specialized for defense

  • Personalized insurance
    & investment options

  • Focus on long-term
    financial stability

  • User-friendly digital

  • Comprehensive
    assistance & guidance

  • Tax-efficient best

  • Diverse insurance

  • Range of investment

  • Expertise in financial

  • Convenient management

  • Exclusive benefits
    for veterans

  • Trusted by defense

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